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Since 1984, residents of Bangor and surrounding areas in Maine have put their trust and legal matters in the capable hands of the attorneys at Lanham Blackwell & Baber, PA

We understand how daunting the legal process can be and so for more than 35 years, our dedicated team of attorneys has used their insightful thinking, acumen and keen judgment to help our clients understand what they’re up against and how to see issues through to a positive resolution.

Strong Ties To The Community And Its People

Lanham Blackwell & Baber, PA, is not only an active corporate sponsor and supporter of many greater Bangor and Penobscot County activities, the members of our firm are active in this community. The firm plays a role in various events and programs affecting Bangor and the surrounding area in social, educational, fine arts and recreational programs.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I appreciated the support, thoroughness and ongoing clarity from Attorney Baber throughout my legal and health journey. Not only was he compassionate about my injury, but he was quite knowledgeable about the tentacles such an injury could have. Our communication was always understandable and genuine and for that I am grateful.

– Annie Gabbianelli
Personal Injury Client

Our company is a building construction specialty trade subcontractor. We often get involved in complex technical contractual matters which are difficult to resolve through contract clauses alone. At project completion, collecting the final retainage balance due us, previously withheld from us with each monthly progress payment, can be extremely difficult to collect after these contract disputes have arisen through no fault of our own. Brett Baber already understands the building construction process and contracts, so Brett is ready to hit the ground running for our company when problems arise. Brett has repeatedly proven himself to be very effective, innovative, and successful, in helping our company resolve these contract disputes, and final payment matters; thereby allowing our company to collect all of the funds earned and due us. Brett Baber has provided our company with superior expert legal services. Working together with Brett on our team, enables us to continue to deliver a job well done!
– Paul Philbrick, President, Elco Electric

“Lanham Blackwell & Baber made my claim process go so smoothly. Their professionalism and attention to detail really helped in representing me in a class action litigation. They made this process so easy – all I had to do was submit the requested documentation and they took care of the rest. I was very pleased with not only with the service of the Lanham Blackwell & Baber staff, but with the outcome of my case!”

– Anonymous

Client, Bangor, Maine