Divorce & Family Law

Divorce affects not only the couple involved, but their entire family. At Lanham Blackwell & Baber, our experienced divorce and family law attorneys and paralegals are ready to help you navigate the complicated court procedures and practical challenges of divorce and other family legal matters.

Our experienced attorneys can help you with a wide variety of family law matters, including:

• Divorce
• Judicial Separation
• Unmarried Cohabitants
• Paternity, Parental Rights and Responsibilities and Child Support (Unmarried Parents)
• Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
• Child Support Collection, Enforcement and Modification
• Spousal Support (Alimony) Collection, Enforcement and Modification

Before you ask a court to make decisions about your marriage, children, property and finances, we strongly urge you to plan and prepare for the challenges you will face before, during and after a divorce, or judicial separation if you are unmarried, cohabitating with your significant other and seeking to dissolve your relationship.

Dissolving a marriage or long term relationship frequently includes dividing property and allocating debts. This raises questions of ownership and value of real estate, business interests, bank accounts, investments and retirement benefits along with many other items of personal property that couples accumulate like furniture, art, antiques, coin and stamp collections and guns. Also, responsibility to pay bills, loans, mortgages and taxes must be assigned. In some cases, demands for payment of spousal support and attorney fees should be anticipated. We have the trial experience to achieve results when it comes to contested family law matters that cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation.

We know that dividing your assets and debts is difficult enough, but the impact that divorce has on parents and children alike can be life changing. We also know that litigation can often make it even more difficult for married and unmarried parents to work together to make joint decisions for their children. Whether you are seeking custody of minor children in a divorce or as an unmarried parent, protecting the health, safety and welfare of your children is always our goal. We make it our practice to thoughtfully and thoroughly work with you to make those critical child custody decisions that define your parental, visitation and child support rights and obligations. We are keenly aware that the decisions you make during your divorce or during the dissolution of your relationship with a co-parent will have a lasting and profound impact on your children. We focus our knowledge and skills, gained from our many years of experience, to achieve a result that truly is in the best interest of you and your children.

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