You Have Rights

Maine Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Employees are protected from discrimination under state and federal law. Prohibited discrimination includes any differences in treatment in the workplace including hiring, promotion, termination or other conditions of employment based upon race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry or national origin. Ongoing severe sexual harassment or a hostile working environment based on discrimination is actionable.

You Deserve a Safe Work Environment

Maine law also prohibits discrimination against employees who report illegal or unsafe acts to an employer or the government who then faces “whistleblower retaliation.” Anyone who files or assists in an investigation or proceeding under the discrimination laws or the worker’s compensation laws are also protected from retaliation.

Lanham Blackwell & Baber protects the rights of employees who believe they have experienced discrimination in the workplace. They protect worker’s rights through legal actions filed at the Maine Human Rights Commission, the federal Equal Opportunity Commission, and state and federal courts in Maine.

Knowing When to Act Is Crucial

There are important time limits on when charges of discrimination must be brought. Most claims of discrimination must be brought within 300 days of the discrimination. Much shorter deadlines may apply to employees of the federal government.

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